Explore all dirty sides of yourself!...

Erotic game


The plot takes place at present time. A young man awoke from coma and found himself involved in a series of events. He does not remember anything, except his name. He does not remember who he was, who he knew, how he got to the hospital and what happened to him… For the Hero everything starts anew from scratch. And you, together with him, will have to explore and learn all sides of your dirty selves… ONCE AGAIN!

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Reveal your true self!

Dive deep into the world of fantasy and let all your dreams come true! Everything is possible in this game!


Game news

17 august 2020

The programmer continues his work. The dialogues have been built, now he is already working on building interactive actions in the game, as well as GUI elements.

Images posing is 90% complete. After completing the posing, it remains to finish the small work (animation of the eyes, avatars, buttons, sounds). Rendering of animations also does not stopping. Next week I expect to finish with v0.4 and start v0.5.

Made now (v0.4):
Posed Images: 250
Rendered Images: 250 (no animations)
Posed Animations: 36 (Total)
Rendered Animations: 4 (640 images)
Eyes’s Animations: 0
New locations: 6
New characters: 7

The updated version of the game is available here


v0.2 Translated into Russian
v0.2 fixed a critical bug in the MAC version that caused the game to crash

Music does not restart when you navigating in the menu
Sound in animations is tied to the effect slider now and can be adjusted
Fixed a bug with creating a screenshot

v0.1 Added German and Russian languages
v0.1 Minor cosmetic changes.
v0.1 Added the option not to touch Eva in the Hero’s bedroom.
v0.1 Replaced two animations with Eva in the hero’s room at 30 frames per second.
v0.1 The size is reduced by half, but it seems to have affected the quality of the images (v0.2 I did not risk to compress)

v0.1 Added new variables witch will remember the player’s actions in order to change the reaction of the characters in future versions, as well as this will affect the gameplay in general (it will allow you to make several branches of behavior with some characters).

Changed a bit the appearance of the MC
Elena’s lips are slightly reduced
Added ability to change the transparency of a textbox in the settings.

IMPORTANT POINT – old saves will not work. You have to play the game from the beginning!


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